GASP Publications

  1. GASP. I. Gas stripping phenomena in galaxies with MUSE

    Poggianti et al. (2017a), ApJ 844, 48, ArXiv #: 1704.05086
  2. GASP. II. A MUSE view of extreme ram-pressure stripping along the line of sight: kinematics of the jellyfish galaxy JO201

    Bellhouse et al. (2017), ApJ 844, 49, ArXiv #: 1704.05087
  3. GASP. III. JO36: a case of multiple environmental effects at play?

    Fritz et al. (2017), ApJ 848, 132, ArXiv #: 1704.05088
  4. GASP. IV. A Muse View of Extreme Ram-pressure Stripping in the Plane of the Sky: The Case of Jellyfish Galaxy JO204

    Gullieuszik et al. (2017), ApJ 846, 1 ArXiv #: 1708.09035
  5. GASP. V. Ram-pressure stripping of a ring Hoag's-like galaxy in a massive cluster

    Moretti et al. (2018), MNRAS, 475, 4055 ArXiv #: 1802.07294
  6. Supermassive Black Holes Feed on Cosmic Jellyfish

    Poggianti et al. (2017b), Nature, 548, 304 ArXiv #: 1708.09036
  7. GASP. VII. Signs of gas inflow onto a lopsided galaxy

    Vulcani et al. (2018a), ApJ 852, 2 ArXiv #: 1802.07296
  8. GASP. VIII. Capturing the birth of a Tidal Dwarf Galaxy in a merging system at z~0.05

    Vulcani et al. (2017c), ApJ 850, 2, ArXiv #: 1708.09037
  9. GASP IX. Jellyfish galaxies in phase-space: an orbital study of intense ram-pressure stripping in clusters

    Jaffé et al. (2018), MNRAS 476, 4753, ArXiv #: 1802.07297
  10. GASP. X: APEX detection of molecular gas in the tails and in the disks of ram-pressure stripped galaxies

    Moretti et al. (2018), MNRAS 480, 2508, ArXiv #: 1803.06183
  11. Ultra-Violet Imaging Telescope view of ram-pressure stripping in action: Star formation in the stripped gas of the GASP jellyfish galaxy JO201 in Abell 85

    George et al. (2018), MNRAS 479, 4126, ArXiv #: 1803.06193
  12. GASP. XII. The variety of physical processes occurring in a single galaxy group in formation

    Vulcani et al. (2018b), MNRAS, 480, 3152, ArXiv #: 1809.02668
  13. GASP. XIII. Star formation in gas outside galaxies

    Poggianti et al. (2019), MNRAS, 482, 4466, ArXiv #: 1811.00823
  14. Enhanced star formation in both disks and ram pressure stripped tails of GASP jellyfish galaxies

    Vulcani et al. (2018c), ApJ, 866L, 25 ArXiv #: 1810.05164
  15. GASP. XV. A MUSE View of Extreme Ram-Pressure Stripping along the Line of Sight: Physical properties of the Jellyfish Galaxy JO201

    Bellhouse et al. (2019), MNRAS, 485, 1157, ArXiv #: 1902.04486
  16. GASP. XVI. Does cosmic web enhancement turn on star formation in galaxies?

    Vulcani et al. (2019a), MNRAS, 487, 2278, ArXiv #: 1905.08971
  17. GASP. XVII. HI imaging of the jellyfish galaxy JO206: gas stripping and enhanced star formation

    Ramatsoku et al. (2019), MNRAS,487, 4580, ArXiv #: 1906.03686
  18. GASP XVIII: Star formation quenching due to AGN feedback in the central region of a jellyfish galaxy

    George et al. (2019), MNRAS, 487, 3102, ArXiv #: 1905.08973
  19. GASP - XIX. AGN and their outflows at the centre of jellyfish galaxies

    Radovich et al. (2019), MNRAS, 486, 486, ArXiv #: 1905.08972
  20. GASP. XX. From the loose spatially-resolved to the tight global SFR-Mass relation in local spiral galaxies

    Vulcani et al. (2019b), MNRAS in press, ArXiv #: 1907.00976

Complementary material associated with publications

Interactive online Figure for Bellhouse et al. (2017)

Here you can navigate the 3D visualisation of Hα gas of JO201, presented in Bellhouse et al. (2017). The gas has been extracted from the KUBEVIZ (Fossati et al. 2016) fit. X and Y axes show projected distance, with the Z axis representing the wavelength/velocity and linewidth/sigma. Surface contours are plotted with different colours, from yellow to dark blue. The units and contours are arbitrary as they have been chosen at levels which highlight interesting features in the Hα gas, such as the bright central emission, knots of Hα and the extended diffuse gas.

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