Here you can find some 3D examples of several prominent galaxies from the GASP sample currently undergoing extreme Ram-Pressure Stripping. The models shown are produced by combining the spatial and velocity distributions of the prominent nebular emission lines as well as the stellar component. Interesting features include the offset between the stellar and Hydrogen alpha components, showing the Ram-Pressure affecting the gas without disturbing the stellar component. We can see from the models that there is a large quantity of stripped gas which is ionised by star formation and in some cases, outflowing gas in the centre that is related to the AGN. Rotate the model to view the velocity distribution and the line-of-sight stripping becomes visible;

The OIII line, often associated with shocks, reveals the interacting boundary between the intracluster medium and the gas within the galaxy, as well as any emission associated with the AGN.

  1. JO194
  2. JO175
  3. JW100

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