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INTERNATIONAL ASTRONOMICAL UNION -- INAF Astronomical Observatory of Padova-I

joint symposium

Statue of Galileo commissioned by Gran Duke Leopoldo of Tuscany and located in Prato della Valle, a very large square in Padova, in 1780. It was sculpted by Pietro Danieletti a local artist.

The Organizing Committees


Luisa Pigatto (Co-chair, Italy)
Paolo Brenni (Italy)
Suzanne Débarbat (France)
Steven Dick (USA)
Rajesh Kochhar (India)
Tsuko Nakamura (Japan)
Nha Il-Seong (Korea, Rep of)
Clive Ruggles (Co-chair, United Kingdom)
Efthymios Nicolaidis (Greece)
Wayne Orchiston (Australia)
Bjørn R. Pettersen (Norway)
Ian Robson (United Kingdom)
Magda Stavinschi (Romania)
Shi Yunli (China)


Carla Bianchini (INAF-Astronomical Observatory of Padova, I)
Mauro D'Onofrio (Department of Astronomy, University of Padova, I)
Mariangela Locatelli (INAF-Astronomical Observatory of Padova, I)
Luisa Pigatto (INAF-Astronomical Observatory of Padova, I)
Walter Salvagno (INAF-Astronomical Observatory of Padova, I)
Simone Zaggia (INAF-Astronomical Observatory of Padova, I)
Valeria Zanini (INAF-Astronomical Observatory of Padova, I)

This is an event of the International Year of Astronomy 2009

Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF) Scientific Instruments Commission/UHPS Università degli Studi di Padova Facoltà di Scienze - Università di Padova Accademia Galileiana di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti in Padova Centro per la Storia dell'Università di Padova Città di Venezia Provincia di Venezia Regione del Veneto The Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences (AUASS) Società Astronomica Italiana

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