WaveFront Sensing in the VLT/ELT era II
2-4 October 2017
Padova, Italy
Orto Botanico
Author Titlle Slides
Thomas BertramWavefront sensing for METIS
Marco BonagliaOpto-mechanical design of the NGS WFS of MAORY
Jean-Francois SauvageWave-front sensor trade-off for HARMONI SCAO system
Jean-Pierre VéranDetailed Design of the NFIRAOS Pyramid WFS module
Enrico PinnaPyramid Prototyping for the GMT
Magali LoupiasMach-Zehnder WFS in Extreme Adaptive Optics for high contrast applications
Maud LangloisVisible adaptive optics challenges and R&D prospects for the new THEMIS solar facility
Gerard RoussetELT elongated Sodium LGS experiment at WHT: a progress report
Maria BergomiLINC-NIRVANA: 4 multi-pyramid WFSs for MFoV MCAO commissioning
Tyler BanasSpatial Filtering with a Pyramid Wavefront Sensor on the High Order Testbench
Charlotte BondOptimizing the performance of a Pyramid WFS: tracking the optical gain
Davide GreggioMultiple spatial frequency wavefront sensing with a pyramid
Iuliia ShatokhinaOverview on pyramid wavefront sensor: forward models, reconstruction algorithms, practical issues
Guido Agapito8-m class telescope MCAO system for visible wavelengths science
Sebastiaan HaffertGeneralized optical differentiation with patterned liquid-crystals
Benoit NeichelNatural Guide Star WFS, to complement LGS for ELTs
Roberto RagazzoniNew fashion for old paradigm: efficient, no moving part, ingot-like WFSs for LGS
Cedric PlantetSimulations of MAORY low-order sensors and first estimate of sky coverage
Valentina ViottoGIUSTO: GMCAO IDL Unreleased Simulation TOol
Daniele VassalloValidating the phase diversity approach for sensing NCPA in SHARK-NIR with end-to-end simulations
Carlos CorreiaAnalytic modelling of Shack-Hartmann and Pyramid WFSs under predictive closed-loop control
Markus KasperLow-wind effect – Origin and mitigation
Francois RigautRolling shutter: the good, the bad and the ugly
Cedric Taïssir HeritierOverview of the AO calibration strategies for the ELT context
Simonetta ChinellatoA testing facility for AO on-sky demonstrations at the Copernico’s Telescope
Vincent DeoWavefront Reconstruction for Imperfect Pyramid Wavefront Sensor Assemblies: Generalizing the Controller Slope Space
Leonardo BlancoLGS spot elongation mitigation for the LTAO mode of HARMONI
Victoria HuttererDirect piston reconstruction approaches to control segmented ELT-mirrors
Kalyan RadhakrishnanPartial Illumination and Wind Predictive Control
Andreas OberederKeep it simple - Poke Matrix Inversion for a (stable) piston segment reconstruction
Roberto Ragazzoni Wrap-up and greetings