Datasets  from Sulentic et al. 2007

List of HST datasets employed by Sulentic et al. for the paper CIV 1549 as an Eigenvector 1 Parameter for  Active Galactic Nuclei, published in the Astrophysical Journal, 2007, 666, 757.

   Data and  SPECTRA  from Marziani et al. 2003

Table 2, 3, 4 (in one ASCII file) and Table 5 (a second ASCII file) and ASCII format spectra (gzipped tar) from the paper An Optical Spectroscopic Atlas of Low Redshift  Active Galactic Nuclei, by P. Marziani,  published in the Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 2003, 145, 199.  Tables are preceded by an header descriptor. The tar file containing the spectra will expand into a tree of 215 subdirectories (one for each object). A SuperMongo macro is provided for plotting an arbitary subsample of the dataset. 



This zip file contains the spectra presented in the paper  AVERAGE QUASAR SPECTRA IN THE CONTEXT OF EIGENVECTOR 1
by Sulentic et al. (2002, Astrophysical Journal, 566, L71). For each spectral type defined in that paper, the following data are here given in form of ASCII files (two columns; first: wavelength in angstroms, second: arbitrary intensity scale):

Median Normalized, median spectrum (as in Fig. 1 of the  paper).
Median-FeII As above after FeII subtraction (as in Fig. 1 of the  paper) 
Hbeta BC "Cleaned" H-beta broad component high-order spline fit, useful for testing theoretical model profiles.

For more details, see the README file in the zip archive and the text of the paper (in PDF). 

Tabular Data from Marziani et al. 1996

Relevant tables (in PDF) from the paper Comparative Analysis of High- and Low-Ionization Lines in the Broad Line Region of Active Galactic Nuclei, by P. Marziani, J. W. Sulentic, D. Dultzin-Hacyan, M. Calvani, & M. Moles, published in the Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series Vol. 104, p. 37-70 (1996).

Table 1. Basic properties of the 53 AGN considered in this study.

Table 5. Optical emission line fluxes and other line parameters.

Table 6. UV emission line fluxes and other line parameters.

Table 8. Radial velocity measurements of Hbeta.

Table 9. Radial velocity measurements of CIV 1549.


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