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  A Brief Curriculum Vitae
  a  List of my Publications

To have a list of my published papers  and recent preprints see the results of an author search with the NASA-ADS,   and at the preprint service arXiv.  Please have a look at a synopsis of my astronomical projects and ongoing work, and at the page on the search of an Hertzsprung-Russel diagram for quasars.


 Data, Tables  And Full Text of Published Papers

List of HST datasets employed by Sulentic et al. for the paper CIV 1549 as an Eigenvector 1 Parameter for  Active Galactic Nuclei.


  An Active Galactic Nuclei Primer (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

A glossary of extra-galactic astrophysics terms, some of my lectures, links to the full text of major review papers, and other relevant information for anyone interested in the fascinating field of active galactic nuclei.




Links to some  major utilities, handbooks, catalogues, tabular data.



Pages with Access  Restricted to Coworkers