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OmegaCAM   Papers

   Kuijken K., et al. 2004:
 presented at the SPIE Conference Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation
  21-25 JUNE 2004,   GLASGOW

OmegaCAM: Wide-field imaging with fine spatial resolution

  Baade D. :
  presented at the ESO Wide Review, February 2003  - restricted access

   Valentijn E.A., Kuijken K., 2002:
  in Towards an International Virtual Observatory (ESO:Garching)
 ASTRO-WISE - An Astronomical Wide-Field Imaging System for  Europe
   Kuijken K., et al.  2002:
  The Messenger, 110, 15
   OmegaCAM: the16k X 16k CCD Camera for  the VLT Survey Telescope
  Navasardyan H., Piotto G., & Cappellaro E. 2002:
   DRAFT - restricted access
Photometric Variations across the Mosaic area of ESO2.2+WFI

SPIE   CONFERENCE  :   Astronomical  Telescopes  and  Instrumentation
                                                   22-28  AUGUST   2002,  WAIKOLOA,  USA-Hi
Deul E.R., Kuijken K., & Valentijn E.A.:
 OmegaCAM: The 16k x 16k Survey Camera for the VLT Survey Telescope
Nicklas H.E., Harke R., Wellem W., Reif K., Kuijken K., Muschielok  B. & Cascone  E.:
 OmegaCAM - Technical Design and Performance
 Reif K. , Klink G., Mueller Ph., & Poschmann, H. :
 The OmegaCAM Shutter
 Baruffolo A., Bortolussi A., De Pizzol L., &  Magagna C.E.:
 Design of the OmegaCAM Instrument Software

  Valentijn E.A., Deul E., & Kuijken, K.H. 2001:
  in The New Era of Wide Field Astronomy, eds R.G. Clowes, A.J. Adamson, &
  G.E. Bromage,  ASP conf. ser. 232, 392
Observing and Data Mining with OmegaCAM
   Valentijn E.A. 2000:
  presentation at the Edinburgh workshop Survey Systems # 1-OPTICON