How to get free from Windows?

The remaining thing which prevent any scientist to completely get rid of windows operating system is the famous powerpoint software used to design nice presentations. Nevertheless it exists a latex package called prosper which allows anybody to deal with nice slide backgrounds, animations and links. Coupled with the pspicture latex (part of the pstricks package) environment, it provides very nice slides, and even things powerpoint is not able to do (such as nice equations :-)

OK, so we can drop powerpoint to the trash. But what about posters? Do we still need powerpoint or illustrator or whatever?
Latex is also able to deal with poster and even to give nice things. Judge by yourself: this is a poster (pdf - 3.6 Mo) I presented to the SF2A annual meeting in 2002. It was done using the latex packages a0poster and textpos. A recipe for using these both packages can be found here.

Now, we can really get rid of windows stuffs...

Use LaTex together with Linux!!

Last update on 2004/03/25
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